William Leach

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I will search on a reward basis in other words what it's worth to you and if you will allow me to search after the item is located no charge I only ask you cover my gas 20.00 I will be happy to travel if it's outside my listed areas 20.00 plus .20 cents a mile or you can call me anytime to discuss arrangements. I am available seven days a week the sooner the better.

Search Types

Jewelry, Cell phones, Keys, Property markers, most anything with metallic components, or estate liquidations and you want to make sure your leaving nothing behind.

Search Locations

Search locations three cities are.

Lawrence, Kansas and surrounding areas

Prairie Village, Kansas and surrounding areas

Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding locations

William Leach's Bio

I have just joined Ring Finders 12-29-2014 so I have no finds with them yet however I can supply plenty of recommendations and feel free to do a back ground check on me. I have been metal detecting for about 35 years now and would like to help. Thank You.