Don Wilson

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search
  • Accepts Visa

Cost For My Service

It\'s a reward system, whatever you think its worth. 10% of all our fees go to our church. We do not do it for the money, but we do not turn it down when offered.

We do ask for a $25 Call Out Fee to cover fuel expenses & Dr. Pepper cost, but do not let that stop you from calling us.

Search Types

Parks, Yards, Flower Beds, and we can do water up to 7-8 feet in depth.

Search Locations

We live in the North Dallas area, anywhere within reasonable driving distance is normally OK with us.

Don Wilson's Bio

My wife & I have been metal detecting for just over 3 years. Our interest in metal detecting began after I lost my gold nugget bracelet while playing frisbee standing knee deep in the ocean in the Cayman Islands. I was devastated, my wife had given me that bracelet 25 years earlier and I had worn it every day since. Earlier in the day while in the Cayman Islands we had seen a couple walking the beach with metal detectors and commented that it looked like fun, never expecting to need one that very day.

After realizing that my gold nugget bracelet was gone, we raced down the beach to find the couple with the detectors. They were so nice and agreed immediately to come and search for my bracelet; they had one regular detector and one underwater detector. We searched for several hours but unfortunately did NOT find my bracelet. The couple were such great people, they showed us how to use their detectors and my wife and I each took turns just playing around with the equipment. You know just trying it out. My wife got a hit/beep while detecting on the beach and became so excited, we dug and dug in the sand and found a coin about the size of a 1/2 dollar. It was very corroded and hard to make out what is it was. We scrubbed and scrubbed and tried to clean the coin with everyone around us trying to help. They were very excited for us. Long story short, what we thought was our treasure found turned out to be a 20+ Anniversary Sears Commemorative Coin worth about $7.50. It was not a treasure but from that day forward we have been hooked on metal detecting.

I will never forget how I felt, telling my wife that I had lost my gold nugget bracelet, that deep gut feeling when you know its gone. That\'s why we decided to become part of \"The Ring Finders\" team. If we can find someone\'s special item and return it to them, then it will be all worth it.

We have detected all over Texas, Louisana, Cancun, Cayman Islands, & Dominican Republic. We have had some decent success in finding old coins, trinkets and treasures. We travel extensively and our time is our own, please give us a call, maybe we can help.